Firebase Analytics is the default choice for mobile app analytics these days. With a very few steps, the Firebase Analytics SDK for Android and iOS can be integrated within minutes. By default, Firebase Analytics track your screens without any additional code implementations.

However, it is designed to only automatically track…

Huawei is the 2nd largest Android phone manufacturer worldwide, after Samsung (2019 — Wikipedia). Huawei has a broad product portfolio to target all categories of consumers and markets, for every need and budget. Huawei Mate and P series smartphones are its high-end models, while the cheaper smartphones are sold under…

Starting a new project in Flutter? Although the choice of libraries depends on your use case, here are the top 9 libraries that I think you should definitely be comfortable with.

The list contains common libraries that you will probably use in almost all mobile apps if you are developing in flutter.

So, let’s get started.

1. cached_network_image (by Baseflow)

In almost every app that I have worked with, you will need a library for loading, displaying and caching images from the network.

“cached_network_image” is a library that is used to load remote images and display them, and it also caches them…

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While my phone and the laptop is being charged, I love to write, cook and ride away from the city on my bicycle.

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